World’s 9 Best Food Festivals

Nowadays, almost every country hosts a food festival at least once per every year. Therefore, food festivals in the world are countless. However, there are some food festivals which have grown to be highly popular in the world. These include:

1) The Onion Market in Bern, Switzerland

World’s 9 Best Food FestivalsArguably, this is the best food festival in Switzerland across the year. It showcases onion braids, rings, and bulbs. It also welcomes presentation of jewelry, ceramics, and children toys. The opening of the event can be marked by the smell of onion soup in its initial stages.

2) Watercress Festival in Hampshire, England

World’s 9 Best Food FestivalsWatercress is an English traditional herb which is used to make salads, sauces, and even soup. The festival to celebrate watercress in England is held every third Sunday of May in New Alresford.

3) Salon de Chocolate in Quito, Ecuador

World’s 9 Best Food FestivalsEcuador is known for its top quality chocolate which surpasses all other types in the world. At the same time, the country is famous for its tasting festivals and cookery teaching sessions. Therefore, people visit the country especially in Octobers for free chocolate and cookery training.

4) Blue Food Festival at Bloody Bay, Tobago

World’s 9 Best Food FestivalsThis festival was started in the late 1980s in the coastal areas of Tobago in the Caribbean region. Mainly, the festival involves showcasing and cooking of foods harvested from the flooded areas in Tobago coast region.

5) Poutinefest in Ottawa, Canada

World’s 9 Best Food FestivalsIt is one of the famous food festivals in Canada. It deals with foods such as Thai and chicken poutiness, salmon fried meat, and beef. The festival takes three days and it is mainly hosted by bars and wineries.

6) Castagnades Chestnut Festival in Ardeche, France

World’s 9 Best Food FestivalsBeing located in a chestnuts growing region, Ardeche is proud to be the main host of the Chestnut festival every year. The festival takes place in the late autumn season. During the festivals, fresh chestnuts are also sold to the visitors.

7) Dumpling Festival in Hong Kong

World’s 9 Best Food FestivalsThe festival takes place in the fifth day of the Chinese lunar month. During this time, Chinese families across the world celebrate the dumpling. The main dish included in the festival is rice served in bamboo pieces and banana leaves.

8) Pizza Fest in Naples, Italy

Pizza Fest in Naples, ItalyThis festival takes place in five days of every second week of September. With over 0.5 million visitors, the festival sees a consumption of over 100,000 pizzas on daily basis for five nights. The festival is hosted by pizza hotels such as Margherita and Marinara.

9) Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand

Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, ThailandThe Phuket Beach attracts massive number of visitors throughout the year. Thus, the vegetarian festival seeks to integrate the visitors and people from Thailand with a common meal for a period of nine days.


Different countries and regions have respect for different types of foods. Mostly, communities take to festivals the showcasing and presentation of their foods. These festivals provide individuals with a chance to experience new foods and cultures.

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