Top 10 Famous Festivals In Australia

Australia is a home to people from different cultures and ethnicity. Its citizens come from numerous ethnic origins. Therefore, this makes the nation to have a wide cultural diversity resulting to numerous famous festivals. Also, Australia hosts a couple of events such as international sports and music festivals throughout the year. Some of these festivals include:

1) Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThe festival is popular in hosting large numbers of visitors to over 600,000 attendees. It also attracts famous comics and performers from different parts of the world. The festival takes place once a year and it is available from late March up to the end of April.

2) Adelaide Fringe Festival

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThis festival is open to any artist or any performer with an exhibition, show, or event that they feel they may register to perform. Therefore, the main aim of this festival is to develop talent among artists and performers as it seeks to attract visitors in the city.

3) Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar Race

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThis is a 1000 kilometer race which attracts showcasing V8 Supercar Championship Series. Mostly, the race is hosted in the rural areas of the New South Wales at Mount Panorama. Also, many visitors who are interested in watching the race and the mountain as well as the rural New South Wales area also attend this festival.

4) Splendour in the Grass Festival

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaIt is a large music festival which aims at concentrating all types of music in the world at a same place. Thus, the festival’s main goal is to satisfy music lovers of all types. The event takes place at the Byron Bay and it takes 3-5 days. Previously, famous artists such as Kanye West and Jenifer Lopez have attended the festival.

5) Bluesfest Byron Bay

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThis festival is held during the Easter period. Mainly, the festival attracts blues and roots artists from different regions of the world. This event too takes place for 4-5 days in the Byron Bay town. Acts such Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, and Santana were previously held in the festival.

6) Falls Festival

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThis festival is held in Victorian town rural area of Lorne. It hosts activities such as circus, dance, comedy, arts, and poetry performances. The Falls Festival is held in different places such as New South Wales, Marion Bay, and in Byron Bay.

7) Melbourne Cup Carnival Festival

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThis is a 4-day horse racing festival which takes place in Melbourne City. The festival hosts performers from regions of Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. The event is known to host a lot of visitors every time it takes place.

8) Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThis festival runs from May to June once in every year. The Jazz Festival hosts music artists from various parts of the world performing various types of music. It is promoted by taking place at the same season with the food and scene event in Melbourne.

9) Big Day Out

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThis festival takes place in Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and in Melbourne. The event was started in 1994. Thus, it has already attracted different people from the country and from abroad. Performances such as music, comedy, and art are the main activities in the show.

10) Sydney Mardi Show

Top 10 Famous Festivals in AustraliaThis festival takes place at Bondi Beach region in Sydney. The event is famous for its previous involvement in addressing civil rights such as gay rights, hosting different activities, and attracting large numbers of visitors from across the world.


Australia is a home to numerous festivals which revolve around culture, talent, and tourist attraction. Hardly does the country lack an event during any time of the year. Thus, if you are planning to travel to Australia, it is essential for you to research on the available festival at the time of your travel.

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